Active Tourism Regulation in Canary Islands

The active tourism decree recently approved by the Government of the Canary Islands, regulates the activities of the companies that are part of this area as well as the requirements that must be satisfy for the organization and development of these activities.

What activities are considered Active Tourism?

The norm is applicable to those people, physical or legal, who in an expensive and professional way organize and develop the aforementioned activity in the Canary Islands. According to article 1 of the Decree, are considered tourism active activities «recreational activities, sports or adventure activities that are developed, normally, using the resources offered by nature itself in any environment, be it aerial, terrestrial, subterranean, aquatic or urban, which entail risk. Also are part of active tourism, training actions, informative in any cultural, environmental or other similar field, that are made in the development of such activities. «

Annex 1 of the Decree lists examples of the activities included in Active Tourism, which we highlight: diving, climbing, kayaking, kite surfing, mountaineering, paragliding, rappel, hiking, snorkeling, trekking, windsurfing, etc.

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What requirements does the decree establish?

Individuals or legal entities that promote and develop active tourism activities must satisfy the following requirements

  • Submit a statement responsible for the start of the activity.
  • Dispose of a liability insurance that covers the possible risks or damages which the professional must respond; and an accident insurance that covers the rescue, transfer and assistance derived from accidents, and the payment of the possible taxes for these benefits when it entails the mobilization of humans and material resources of the Emergency and Rescue Group of the Canary Islands Autonomous Community.
  • The responsible staff, monitors and instructors, must possess the qualification that the law requires for the development of the activity.
  • Accredit the knowledge of the Spanish language by the responsible staff, supervisors and instructors.
  • Who work with minors must be in possession of a negative certification issued by the Central Registry of sexual offenders.

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To whom does the Active Tourism apply?

 The norm is applicable to those people, physical or legal, who in an expensive and professional way organize and develop the aforementioned activities in the Canary Islands.

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What activities are excluded from regulation?

Activities organized by clubs, associations or federations, nonprofit and directed exclusively  to their associates or affiliates and not to the general public, aren´t considered active tourism activities. In addition are excluded of the decree the followings activities:

  • Activities organized by teaching centers aimed at their students.
  •  Companies that rent or lend the necessary material for the activity.
  •  Activities developed in accommodations as a complementary service to the offer, provided that they are reported to the administration.